About Us

Welcome!  You will love these. They are so fun!


My name is Cindy Ward. I make PonyTales with my daughter, Jordan, and some pretty cool neighbours.  We LOVE PonyTales - They are innovative and creative - and fun - - and, hot damn . . . they look wicked in hair!

Our favourite part is that they are actually made OF BIRCH WOOD -  yes, they are WOOD !  Cool - eh?  We use a laser cutter and then hand paint each one individually.

Have a look - -  a burnt edge around the entire piece still shows after painting because we paint one side at a time on a horizontal dowel suspension system  - -  That is the fun part !! - These things are WOOD, not plastic, and they are beautifully finished . . . go ahead and show your friends !!

We love working with wood - We love nature - and we love having fun. Our studio is in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where we make 1000's of PonyTales every month and hand-paint each and every one.

You won't find these cool hair sticks anywhere else in the world ! - These Hair Sticks got Personality.

What's your personality?  -  What new shapes can we do next?

Check back soon - Join our email list.  We will be posting more pictures of the studio, upcoming shape-idea contests and give you all of the latest news on new designs as well as information about upcoming shows that we will be attending.   Ciao for Now !    Cindy